Friday, September 26, 2003


This is yet another reason why the current 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday workweek is baaaaad. Essentially, the emissions from all the increased automobile traffic are funking up the atmosphere and creating wacky weather on the weekends.


Pronunciation: -p&-'je-nik
Function: adjective
Date: 1923
: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature

In the context of this article and the above definition, anthropogenic seems to have a negative implication. I'm going to start thinking of possible ways to have positive influence on nature. Working with nature? Re-aranging society?

Glad I quit my job, there is alot to do.

Thursday, September 11, 2003


So, I have quit my old job. It seems almost too good to be true. I have two more days of official work, and maybe a day or two training my replacement.


It's going to be so great to wake up on tuesday morning and realize that ... I can do ANYTHING.



Two more days.

Two more days of work.

Two opportunities to put in my two weeks notice.

Palms are sweaty.... (cue Eminem)

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

A New Focus

My blog has been sporadic at best, informative...maybe.....but I'm not happy about it's tone..... Most people sugest to have a focused blog...therefore...It's time to STAY FOCUSED! as Funkmaster Flex says.

The new theme of my blog is the process I'm now going through of "overhauling" my life. If you have read any of my blogs over the past4+ years, a HUGE re-occuring theme has been my exasperating dis-satisfaction with my job at Imageland.

So I'm really quitting.

..No, really!

This week I will put in my 2 weeks notice. Step 1.
Steps 2 through 5,000 are nebulus but gaining form in my mind. I'll post them here as a "check" on myself, making my meta-intentions publicly known (less chance of backing out if everyone knows). Stay tuned, stay focused, and cypher, don't get gassed!