Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's art gallery Thursday

THWEET! January 2008!

What I do
shits goin buck. Don't say I did't warn you.
Kind of wanted to write uncontrollably, but maybe not... and if hyperlexia meant obsessive reading..guilty as charged.. but seems not.

"Life Without Principle" By Henry David Thoreau

Reading material for you. Dig.

“To be born in the street means to wander all your life, to be free. It means accident and incident, drama, movement. It means above all dream. A harmony of irrelevant facts which gives to your wandering a metaphysical certitude… What is not in the open street is false, derived, that is to say, literature.” Accident and incident, drama, dream, metaphysics, and a deep mistrust of respectability (both in life and literature) pretty well sum up the Henry Miller story.

I'm really into creative use of small spaces. This apartment is fucking fresh. Well done!

I told you Gregg, energy from garbage.

Most images sourced from, new favorite online journal

The whole field of trend spotting is compellingly interesting yet littered with (in hindsight) a raft of often laughable insights. Weren't we all supposed to be eating pills instead of meals by the year 2000? This list looks at the trend spotters, but also at the humbling question of how one is supposed to predict what's next."

Volumes That Explain the World

Christina sent me this article originally, and even thou I sure as hell don't want to get married - this is golden .
Rabbi Dov Heller knows what's up. Beautiful and timeless advice. Check him out.

No, I'm not on E.

Feeling crabby now. I've clearly crashed.
Yeah son. So hot. Little computers.

Stay up to date.

Do you like TINA, CRYSTAL, E, or XTC?
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Date: 2007-12-26, 10:05AM EST

The Substance Use Research Center at Columbia University seeks medically healthy METH and Ecstasy users (age 21-45) to participate in residential studies evaluating medication effects. Live on a research unit at the NYS Psychiatric Institute for 13 days. (((NIGHTMARE DOES NOT BEGIN TO DESCRIBE!!!)))

You can earn approximately $960.00!!

For more information, call 212-543-5982 (ALL CALLS ARE CONFIDENTIAL!)

* Location: near Columbia Presbyterian Medical Cente
* Compensation: approximately $960.00
* Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
* Phone calls about this job are ok.
* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 519552280

Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades

photo by Lauralemur)

Let me gaze into my crystal ball and see what I see... I woke up today at four am, wide awake and reeling from this great dream. It had this clean, fresh, new energy that was so brilliant and different. Hate to sound wack, but I woke up feeling like a new man today. Some sort of energies are shifting in the universe. In my favor. I like the idea of pronoia.

Things are starting to get really set. The leisure plan has been great but I'm itching to work and to fuck. I can see it when it starts to happen now. Spacing out in a bad way. Thinking for the sake of ...thinking of nothing. What was that shit called, soma? Like that. Just like tv or the internet or whatever. Clean relaxed focus is always the name of the game.

Talking with my father about getting by without a cell phone. It's possible when everyone else has one, you know. Get phone calls sent to whomever your with. "Hey, can I use your phone real quick?" "You've gotten by without a car pretty well, so why not?" Some wifi, vonage/skype hybrid kind of thing. My phone bill is far too high. Could I get by without paying rent? Permanant nomad? Someone would want some money somewhere. Rent is pretty cheap thou, in BKHQ right now. I have the bulk of my library and some other stuff at DS house, John's is always a second home, along with I suppose in theory Greg and Beth's in California. I would like to have a more robust HQ with my whole library and a bit more space than current BKHQ offers, but maybe distibuted living is the way to go? Resources everywhere!

Cleaning up around the house, catching glimpses of pasts and futures and how alike and different everyone is. Boompty HQ. Love it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Experiment With T4HWW

So, I've decided this week to REALLY start applying the ideas from The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. I reaed this book when it first came out, kinda thought "oh, that's awsome" and proceeded to not implement the techniques described within.

Without knowing it, I had actually started two months ago. I quit my horrible, soul-sucking job and went out on my own. Since then I've traveled to Florida, worked on and acted in a movie, djed more frequently then I ever have, got a sweet job that I can do whenever I want (it's about 9 hours a week, not four - but I'm getting there).

One of the practices I began yesterday was a media fast, or "selective ignorance" as Tim calls it. Now, I THOUGHT I was already doing this. I don't read newspapers and only rarely skim magazines and I never watch the news. Fuck that crap. The thing was, is that in the name of my omni-curiosity and my "trend spotting" hobby/future occupation I was consuming huge amounts of data and information on the web. I wanted to know and keep up with everything! One point he makes in the book is to ask yourself "am I going to use this information, now?" If not, it can wait. I guess it amounts to mental masturbation to saturate your brain with all this delicious input with no real purpose. So far (even though I started to read unimportant websites)I feel much more clear headed and focused. A surplus of energy feels like it's taken form in my body and mind. My mind feels hella sharp.

Dreamlining is Tim Ferris's version of goal setting. Rule number one is that the dreams should be big and unreasonable. You then break down action steps and time frames to complete these grand plans. I did this for myself, and seeing consecutive steps forms a path in my mind and makes my dreams seem much more possible. It was kind of hard to put them on paper. Either I was thinking "this isn't possible/worth it/doesn't count/can't think of anything or I don't know...I'll be putting this in motion today and let you know how it progresses.

I've also been streamling and simplifying my entire lifestyle. In the begining it had to do with saving money but I can see how having a minimalist life will aid in flexability and options.

I started making my own food, canceled my gym membership and workout at home, stopped going out, cut back drinking, doing laundry for free, giving away or selling all my stuff that I don't love or use.

Next is to focus on creating my "muse" or "hands free" business that will generate income automaticly. Info product production is what I'm aiming for.

Buy the book here

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Kate!

Here's to 29 years on earth, and to lots more!

I'm so proud and excited to have you as my sister. You have done amazing things and touched so many lives and had such great adventures.

Motherhood, Spain, Morocco, Syracuse, Campus D, Temp Jobs...

I remember when you left for Colorado, I was happy to see you embark on a new phase of your life, but sad that you would be so far away. It was such a leap into the unknown, but in many ways that's what you do best. Jumping head-first into a new and foreign situation with enthusiasm and joy, where most dare not tread. Whether it's learning a new language, befriending a stranger or traveling on your own to an unfamiliar country you always go for it.

Caring, funny, giving, dedicated...

...Gould time!

...and the most responsible person I know. Making it through hairy situations where a weaker person would have given up.

The Chevy!

You are always in my thoughts and even though we are miles apart. You are a true friend, always there for me to talk, listen or offer advice.

I thank you for being you.

Know that even when I don't seem to be around, I'm looking out for you behind the scenes.


"Yo brother and friend" Dan

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So what have I been up to? Loosing weight, being frugal, "working" no more than nine hours a week, formulating my game plan, doing research, confronting my demons, cutting my hard exterior to try and bleed writing-art-creativity, taking on Bucky's challenge, starting more blogs and websites than I can handle, getting my dj thing going on, avoiding phone calls, reading reading reading.

It's been going pretty well, but some people are concerned about my well being. Let's look at it from another perspective. a few months ago I was miserable at my previous job. I was routinly working twelve hour days in an extemely stressful and unfullfilling environment. I had experienced what could be looked at as a nervous breakdown earlier in the year. I resorted to taking xanax and had to take a week off of doing NOTHING just to get by. All my dreams were passing me by. I took a lazy approach to looking for new work, or was it really that it was near-impossible to accomplish due to my circumstances? Either way, things were not working out.

Where I am right now, I'm in a grey area. Is it risky? Of couse it is. Is the potential payoff (emotionally, financialy, and quality of life) much higher. Definitly yes. Chances are being taken, but what the fuck is life if you don't? Ask Ben, who is voluntarily going to serve in Afganistan in a few months. I question that move, but hey - he's taking a risk, doing something different, stretching his capabilities and his reality. so many (most) people go through life without EVER taking a risk, or really going for what they want in life. I would rather go for it and fail miserably than to look back on a boring, safe life.

My recurring depression has almost completely faded away. It will come as a brief, easily adjusted mood swing lasting a few hours rather than days or months. I am more consccious of more areas of my life than I probably ever have been before. My clairity of purpose is becoming more obvious by the day.

My friend was asking me "when are you going to start looking for a real job?", something more permanant. I said I never want to go back to a real job again! It's too damn confining and limiting. You may be missing out on opportunities. After hearin this, I did a sweep of craigs list for jobs, and woul'nt you know it, there was a posting for pretty mch the exact job I have wanted for a long long time that I somehow missed in the run around I've been in for the last month trying to stay finacially aflot.

Oh well. It was not meant to be.

One thing I do know is that opportunity will always show up again. Pretty much on a daily basis if you keep ypur eyes peeled. I have a feeling that all of these almost grasped things that have not happened are for good reason. My sneaking susspision is that I need to learn to do it myself. Many of these jobs would have put me in a position that would have seeming satisfied my professional ambitions but at a cost of really earning it - REALLY knowing how to do it. Self sufficiancy.

Getting lost is sometimes the best way to find yourself.

I want to help make life better for the whole of mankind. I want to provide beauty, inspiration, innovation, creativity and an insanely higher standard of living for everyone at the expense of noone. I believe that there is more than enough to go around and that life can and will get so much better.