Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ramsey Dukes

The Wright Bros Fly Ramsey Dukes To My Door22 comments
17 Dec 2003 @ 03:01, by Richard Carlson

Wherever you are
is the entry point.


The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.

---Paul Cezanne

To me the meanest flower that blows can give
Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.

---William Wordsworth

Today marks the One Hundredth Anniversary of Orville and Wilbur's first flight. How better to celebrate the auspicious occasion than with "the Peter Pan of the British occult scene" (as Paul Geheimnis calls him), Ramsey Dukes?

"As was argued in Thundersqueak, it is ludicrous to describe the aeroplane as a wonder of science. The Wright brothers were not scientists, they were bicycle makers. On the day of their historic first flight they invited the American Scientific establishment to attend, and the Establishment quite rightly refused to waste time with cranks who were attempting the blatantly impossible. As a consequence, the plane flew. If only scientists had left Uri Geller alone.

"As someone who has worked in the aircraft industry, I can assure you that a plane flies despite science, not because of it. Yet I am not belittling science, merely seeing its true contribution. To be utterly precise, it is magic that makes the plane fly, and what science does is to STOP IT FROM CRASHING."

---from Ramsey's delightful essay, "The Charlatan And The Magus," printed entirely right here~~~


As if by magic, the book Thundersqueak, mentioned above, arrived in my mailbox yesterday by air post. Ramsey (only the most familiar, I gather, of his many names) had emailed he was sending it over. I've told you about Ramsey Dukes before, and how we stumbled over each other on the Internet. But who is he and what does he think? Here's a good sample:

“I want to be rich, happy, sexy, powerful…. Hey, I’ve discovered a thing called magic that can make you rich, happy, sexy, powerful…. It’s quite simple to become rich, happy, sexy, powerful… as long as you do one thing- you have to become perfect first. So how do you know when you’ve made yourself perfect? Oh shit. You know you are perfect when you no longer WANT to be rich, happy, sexy, powerful…”

---from Blast being the 2nd volume of his collected essays

Thundersqueak carries the alternate title The Confession of a Right Wing Anarchist, and purports to be a dialogue of "suicide writings" between 2 characters named Liz Angerford and Ambrose Lea. They remind us of many assumptions we cheerfully carry about with us into the 21st century--especially our faith in science and complete dismissal of supernatural thought:

“...when we are taught to be suspicious of spiritualists who insist on working in the dark, what are we to make of nuclear physicists who do not ever allow any observers within a hundred miles of their tests?”

Ramsey finds refreshing liberation in the fact that nobody believes in magical thinking because, thus, he can do whatever he wants. He finds support in this behavior as close as the nearest church:

“Morality that depends upon individual judgment is a vigorous living thing; but when morality becomes equated with a rigid code of law and dogma then it is no longer part of us, we are ‘distinct’ from it and can grow free. The church did mankind the favour of thus enslaving morality long, long ago.”

There are nice UK links to a purchase of Thundersqueak in "The Charlatan And The Magus." For folks in the States, Amazon's got it~~~


Thanks to Ramsey Dukes and the magic of airmail!


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New CD coming out soon...I swear.

Kate is in Colorado

"I ain't gonna feel like you, when the sun goes down"

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better, but not the best.

Plus Ultra

Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy.

"A Jedi Knight? I'm out of it for a little while, everybody gets delusions of grandeur."-- Han Solo

hat's up with this new blogger format? I want to hand code, damn it! This is just too easy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"hey everybody, IT'S A PARTY!!!"


The summer is fucking flying by, like a motherfucker. Work is ok, interesting enough, maybe a little boring. The commute has become routine, like smoking a cigarette when I get into my car. Pavlovian, kind of. My cell phone is trying to tell me people are calling but I ignore it. What a dependable little machine. Kadir was complaining about Sprint. Jay Liu only uses his phone for emergencies - thinks they cause brain cancer.

I worry that I erased my flavor sometimes by accident. Then I remember there are safety mesures installed in the brain to prevent such things. Changes, what's the word?....... oh yeah....


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What's really really good part deux.

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What's really really good?

I'm switching back to the old layout for a while. The new one was crisp, but lacked flavour and funk. Goal is to get the site funky and fresh, and in css.

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Random post #2

I love her sooo much but i know she is okay. An overtly sexual flirtatious bad girl and i love her to death. Smokers with an active sexual life -i assumed- drunks billiard freaks.

A simply planned night out turns into an evening of hilarity and nostalgic bemusement with a little flirtatious sexual stimulation thrown in for good measure. When i started the whole all about me series about my past i started with a little outline to help me keep track of things and what i have done? :> I started with one train of thought and ended up in a completely unexpected place. Now my husband and his friend walked in the room and my train of thought has been sidetracked to the smoke of the mans cigarette and the smell of coffee brewing. I looked at the grinning face of my husband and pointed at him after i finished stirring the fries around. I finished off the weed enjoyed my stay with my aunt cousins. Youre just a shit talking bitch and you dont even begin to know how the fuck i roll :( Youre just jealous because the voices only talk to me. You guys are just jealous cause im hellakool. Even in the most aroused of moments i find myself thinking that guys are just goofy looking when naked. I find myself watching terrifying movies alone in the middle of the night. Many a times i find myself trying to calm down holding tight to the chair im sitting on inhaling deeply. I find myself kinda wanting to crywhy is my body betraying me why have i betrayed my body pushed it too hard without preparing enough failed to protect muscles from excessive strain :) But now i find myself with a need to say stuff. Ive been quiet with the bush hate lately but now i have a reason to hate him all over again?! More and more lately ive been noticing comments hes made and stances hes taken that arent in keeping with the image he tries so desperately to portray mr father of ap. Lately ive been trying to figure out where the fine line is drawn between maturity and immaturity :( Even if youre still trying to figure out who that is ;-) Hallo i tink youre cute even if youre job description isnt a real job description.

His description of himself was most accurate down to the maroon chrome motorcycle. When youve prayed to god so youll know his willwhen youve prayed and prayed and you dont know stillwhen you want to stop cause youve had your fill? If you dont know why well then youre not close enough to me to matter. I mean like if you dont know about this totally brand new show called buffy you should totally get into it because it is so kewl.

If you dont know what that is just put the initials in any search engine query and you will see what you have been missing. I dont know what that boy you call pikachu sees in you he obvisouly likesyou. I dont know what the hell he did to my toilet but its no longer leaking so alls good. I dont know what the solution is but its just wrong.

I dont know what matt or trevors reaction to the film was. My whole life i dont know what this song means. I dont know what this means.

I dont know what im going to do with myself once its over :-( I dont know what people i was thinking of telling that nothing. I dont know what i hope she and dayle decide about the room switching possibility. But in that ever-present post-college quandry i dont know what to do :-( But i guess that if there was ever a good time to say and do a lot of stupid things then that first ultra-naive year of college is the time to do it.

Well ive done a lot of stupid things. But ive done a lot of studying since and stuff tends to fall out :0 Shes done a lot of work in an elementary school in the past few years more volunteer than paid.

Were well aware it has a lot of work needed and it definitely needs to be documented? It didnt totally suck but it could have been better and it was definitely no the mummy or even the mummy returns. Its timing couldnt have been better seeing as im in the uncomfortable between state of crying vomiting and falling asleep. It couldnt have been real there was no way a human could have no he wasnt human. You struggle to arrange the fabric over yourself so as to retain a semblance of dignity but it is useless. No matter how much you struggle you cant manage to shake off depression. Material objects come and go no matter how much you love them.

Time for bed,
-- Catty

Randomly generated diary.

I am so bored :0 I am so sorry that i have covered the earth in tears. Oh marisol i am so sorry meryl sobbed ;> She should have been toting some fresh empty garbage bags into the shop with her when she went in i would have been like oh i think im getting the idea here! Although it was monday for her and she should have been at school :( I am very lonely. So i am very very tempted to just go in there and act like a complete fucking lunatic just to see what happens ;> So i stick my hand in there and owwwwwww i totally got burnt by the water which was way over a 100 degrees. There are now three alarms going off one of which is in my hand. There are about a billion other places for a girl and her birds to be. There are about 6 different ceremonies across the us but i would have to spend a fortune to get to one of them. There was once a time when a different story may have been told.

But there comes a time when you need to make it on your own. Something small but there just to prove things wont be like this forever... Everyone thought i should play french horn so i did...

Time for bed,
-- Catty

Me right now.

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