Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fear Not: Diddy Will Weather This Recession

(This is why Diddy is my new hero)

"So if the music industry's getting cannibalized by the Internet, I figure out how to work with it, I figure out how to survive. You throw me in the jungle butt-naked, I come out with a lion's head, some bearskins, and a bunch of food. I may be driving a Maybach." —Diddy on his ability to survive the tough times [AP via Yahoo]

Rick Baron, Winning At Life!

The third person found to have an ultra-rare memory gift — recalling in detail most days of his life — is 50-year-old Rick Baron of suburban Cleveland, scientists confirmed Monday after Baron contacted USA TODAY.
(best part)
Baron, who says he has worked as a researcher for magazines and as a freelance announcer at radio stations, is not employed. "He's very resourceful and lives simply," Kestecher says. Baron uses his crackerjack memory to win restaurant gift certificates, clothing, tickets to sporting events and concerts, and he has won 14 vacations, she says.


Sunday, May 11, 2008


star crossed lovers
lazy sunday afternoons
being outside
growing your own anything
feeling good all the time
love and lust
good food
coffee always
farmers markets
energy medicine
energetic design
thought design
the breeze
gtfo and stfu, lol

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all you mother's out there. You keep the world spinning. Special shout out love to my sister Kate, who is the best in the world at the motherhood game.


Pity the mother of Mother's Day.

Anna Jarvis - never married, never a mother - campaigned for almost a decade to dedicate a day to honour mothers. She chose a Sunday because she wanted it to be a "holy" day, not a holiday, and the second Sunday in May because it was the anniversary of the death of her own beloved mother.

Jarvis wanted us to show our mothers how much their devotion and sacrifice matters, how we esteem the "truth, purity and broad charity of mother love." She expected us to do it with simple gestures - in her opinion, a single white carnation and a heartfelt letter were best. Her carnations were handed out at the first Mother's Day ceremony exactly 100 years ago.

And look at how we repaid her.

Throughout the decades, the "holy" day has evolved into a retailing and marketing bonanza, each year becoming more and more a chance to spend money rather than time or effort, until we arrive at today, when retailers can, with a straight face, suggest you "show Mom you care" by buying their platinum charm bracelet, their "Thanks A Bunch" floral arrangement, or their discounted patio furniture (nothing says filial love like a powder-coated aluminum table you scored for 50 per cent off).

"I wanted it to be a day of sentiment, not profit," Jarvis complained, dismissing greeting cards as "a poor excuse for the letter you are too lazy to write."


Balance And Action

I feel like my set was so weak last night. We were plagued by sound system problems in the beginning of the night and my flow just got fucked up. A lot of my music is badly organized, so I'm defaulting to party jams that generally go over well but missing all this hot fire. Matty so killed it with house and 80's and hip hop dancey classics. His serato skills are tight too. I think my foray into understanding commercial club music has gotten just a little extreme. Goals are: REALLY organize music, have more groupings and sub genres, trade music / rip my records, practice on a schedule, read that book and make some dope mixes. I'm seeing the need for balance here.

Oh well, it's ok to have an off night I suppose. It's a learning experience as is everything. The truth is, I'm very hard on myself. If there aren't hands in the air, and people screaming all the time I think I failed. The crowd flows though. It breathes, and has peaks and valleys. I need to recognize that.

I'm slightly concerned with "lddj". The hype machine is so in full force and stealing some shine. I suppose I should not hate, just learn, and keep it close...

I think I need to chill.

..but be proactive and make moves where I need too.

Can I say something for a moment. Complaining has struck me recently as the biggest waste of energy on the planet. I can understand the need to get things out, off your chest, but excessive rambling on is a muddy mess. It's like, get it out, let it go, or take action to make it better. That's it.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Donate To The Fresh Air Fund

Even though I heart the city, I know how important it is to GTFO once in a while. I just got back from a quick trip upstate, and I feel so refreshed and grounded. It's great to smell fresh air, and just be in open spaces. It's like your spirit can relax and breathe the way it's supposed to.

That being said, think about how great The Fresh Air Fund's programs must be for kids in the city, who otherwise might not be able to get out?

I'm on FAF's mailing list, and they're kind enough to send me notepads and other shwag to try and get donations. In place of that, I'm giving this shout out, and appeal to all my millions of readers to give if you can.

See you in the country side!

- Danomyte

[photo by the dope "Wiseacre Photo"]

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Look, It's Moby!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Went to the GRL: The Complete First Season screening with Lisa at MOMA last night. So dope, so real, so innovative. Not to be missed. Check them out, and see the future.