Monday, August 18, 2003

Pen Pals and Alchohol

When I was in elementary school, I had a pen pal from Russia. I don't remember her name. She had black hair and was wearing some kind of flowery dress. I had a poloriod she sent me. Our letters were exchanged on loose leaf (me) and that European graph paper (her). I remember it being so cool recieving letters from this far off side of the planet.


Last week I went out, partying and drinking almost every night. Damn. It was a little rough on my system, and productivity. Many of my ongoing projects are at a standstill. Therefore I'm going to not drink any alchohol untill the weekend, and even then take it easy.


I got a new mixer at Rock & Soul this weekend, the Vestax PMC-250. It's pretty hot so far

A Strange Calm

Today is once again, Monday. Time to go to work, time to get that gut-wrenching "back to school" feeling all over again. This week, a key staff member is out on vacation. Leaving me with all of his (and my) projects to handle. Amazingly I feel more calm than usual. Hmmm.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Tired, Sooo Tired!...Meta Data...Holograms...Etc.


I'm tired.

I went out to do a little partying last night, which turned into ALOT of partying. Cornwall is such a happening town! (said half seriously) I'm very spaced out today...which has ended up with a flood of cool ideas. It seems that the day after some significant alchohol consumption, my mind opens up to all these great ideas! Hmmm, technically why is that? Dehydration? Beer? Liquor? Variables? Concsious mind out of the way?

Right now I'm listening to:


it's this wild system that takes a bunch of feeds from the radio, anylizes them, then creates music like what it hears out of the sounds, crazy!


The Universe is a hologram

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The Never Ending Story

"There were a lot of broke people who hadn't yet discovered that unemployment can be a kind of creative liberation."

From Justin's Links

Dammit! I want to be creatively liberated.

I know this has been a topic many many times on my old blogs, but maybe if I beat this dead horse enough..something will change?

How many people out there hate their jobs?

I sure do.

It feels like a catch 22: I hate my job, I have many things I could do that would make me money...but still I stay...insanity.

Maybe it's the bills I have, though I usually forget to pay them now...hmmm

I've been trying to get my other projects started, while at the same time working here:

Circus Land

let me tell you, it's not easy. I am usually tired as fuck when I get home, and need to relax for a long time before I can then it's almost time to go back to work!

I need drastic measures.

Sometimes it feels as if my life is passing me by.