Monday, April 04, 2011

The Super Mall

Is this week over yet? Not that the weekend was so amazing or anything, but I'm not really "feeling" what my weeks are about anymore. Bored and slightly angry all the time. Have no idea what the point is anymore in trying to win this Internet arms race every day. Race to the bottom.

Finished the second book in that rich dad series yesterday -- light on practical steps, but very inspiring, and a solid kick in a new direction. Also watched like five episodes of Bored to Death, which was excellent. Almost done with Creature from Jeckyl Island.

I'm dropping fat like there is no tomorrow, and that's great. Just need to keep the diet tight and work out right.

Feeling better writing here, but pissed that Gooog rules everything around me, and wish there was a better public-private way to share-vent and not worry about forever.

Let's all learn about the Slauson Swap Meet aka the Super Mall: