Saturday, June 30, 2007

High Definition Hallucinations

Delirium Tremens. Mmmm. Damn. Such good beer. The pink elephant on the label really is quite appropriate. That Belgian nectar of the gods really knocks me on my ass every time. After drinking two glasses of the stuff last night I was feeling a heavy buzz that usually doesn't come on until I've had six regular beers. I guess it has something to do with it's extra high alcohol content. I believe the highest of any beer. Ever. Maybe I should stay away.

Had fun last night in China Town and the LES with Karen and her friend Megan, or "snowflake" as her neighbors call her in Harlem. I've never gotten snowflake, but "crazy white boy" has been affectionately bestowed upon me countless times. I stumbled upon two electro neon Buddhist temples that popped out of nowhere like some hd hallucination. These places were out of this world. Illuminated golden budda statues, neon rainbows, hundred armed, towering, kali looking things. I never knew Buddhism was so opulent?

I want eloquence and the gift of gab. I've kissed the balarny stone, but I don't think it took. I need another dose. writing and speaking to me is janky and kind of awkward. I feel like a child that was raised in the wilds of images and visual communication. A visceral poetic, emotional landscape devoid of the linear logical techniques of straight forward verbal and written communication. I'm being re-introduced into society one word at a time.

Instant Sex In A Bottle?-Revolutionary Aphrodesiac That Will Rock Your World

Instant sex in a bottle? PT-141 is a drug in development that reportedly increases sexual desire and performance in men and women. Bremelanotide is a derivative of Melanotan II, a substance originally used as a sunless tanning agent. Researchers noticed that although it did give you a tan, it had unexpected side effects. Those being sexual arousal and spontaneous erections. PT-141 does not come with many of the side effects associated with other ‘sex drugs” because it acts on the brain and not the vascular system.

“With PT-141, you feel good, not only sexually aroused,” reported anonymous patient 007, a participant in a Phase 2 trial, “you feel younger and more energetic.” Said another patient: “It helped the libido. So you have the urge and the desire. . . . You get this humming feeling; you’re ready to take your pants off and go.” And another: “Twice me and my wife had sex twice in one night. I came in [to work] and I just raved about it: ‘Jesus, guys . . . 58 years old and you don’t do that.’ ” Tales of pharmaceutically induced sexual prowess among 58-year-olds are common enough in the age of the Little Blue Pill, but they don’t typically involve quite so urgent a repertoire of humming, throbbing, tingling, and double-dipping. Or as patient 128 put it: “My wife knows. She can tell the difference between Viagra and PT-141.” The precise mechanisms by which PT-141 does its job remain unclear, but the rough idea is this: Where Viagra acts on the circulatory system, helping blood flow into the penis, PT-141 goes straight to the brain itself. And there it goes to work, switching on the same neural circuitry that lights up when a person actually, you know, wants to.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hustle Man & Bro Man

Martin's having nightmares about Pam. He goes to the fridge for a drink. The window is open and Bro'man is in the kitchen making a huge sandwich.

"Bro'man! it's 3 in the morning! What are you doin' up in here?"

Nothin'... just chillin'. What you doin' up? I usually have the place to myself 'round this hour.

"I keep having these nightmares. You ever have them?"

Yeah. I had a dream one time. I was climbin' this fire escape, and I couldn't make it to the top. So I climbed through the window of this fly-ass crib! With a big see-thru 'fridgerater. It was full a sammiches! But..., but... I couldn't open the door Martin! So I just stood there and cried man. Oh yeah! Bro'man cried.

Bro Man tribute page

I want a wishsandwich

wherethe hell are all these bug bites coming from? why does my jaw hurt. why is ultimate warrior anor the dude showing up in my dreams to give me sage advice that makes me feel good but is so ambiguos?

"I forgot! We're adults, we don't HAVE to go home anymore!" Very excited girl in my dream. (from left to right; excited girl, ultimate warrior guy, me)

Polio aspergers syndrom fake bobbito idiot savant dj next door nighbor was killing it on the turntables.

Mavis Beacon needs to teach your boy Danomyte to touch type.

Under the roofs we will tell the story of the I.

Wish Sandwich

First Class Ticket To Ecstacy-I can make a ship sail on dry land.

Flaneurs of the noosphere. International Smoothed out brother. The dream. I don't know you but i want you. Daniel Vincent. Falling slowly. ..and I can't go back. Moods that take me and erase me. Take this sinking boat and point it home..we still have time.

Let's set up our own society. Stay in touch with friends, the history of almanacs.

Telephone, two way, pager, cell phone, e-mail, fax, home mail gram.
These are just some of the ways people communicate what's on their mind.
But instead you got me guessing, stressing girl you messing up my flow.
I might as well give this thing up cause I just don't know which way to go.
If you ain't trying' to be with me.
Then why don't you just up and leave.
But if you truly want to stay then just let me know.

You can't keep on running in and out, out of my life,
Into my bed, or out of my heart, and into my head.
You can't keep on runnin' in and out.
Want you stay so we can work things out.

Roses, candy, diamonds, first class flights, and five star vender.
There were nothing you wanted girl that I would not do for you.
All I get is fuss and fighting, bitching, complaining yeah.
If you ain't feelin' me no more, you know what you need to do.
If you ain't tryin' to be with me.
Then why don't you just let me be.
But if you truly want to stay then just let me know.

You can't keep on running in and out, out of my life,
Into my bed, or out of my heart, and into my head.
You can't keep on runnin' in and out.
Want you stay so we can work things out.

Listen girl, I'm just a man, doing all I can, girl I understand sometimes it ain't easy.
Everywhere I go, everybody know.
Ladies at my show tryin' to get at me.
But I'm down for you.
Nothing I won't do, but you gotta choose either you're in or out girl.
Make up your mind because you're wasting time.
Do you want me girl like I want you?

You can't keep on running in and out, out of my life,
Into my bed, or out of my heart, and into my head.
You can't keep on runnin' in and out.
Want you stay so we can work things out.

Keith Sweat is a genius.

Mf polymath, son. It seems there is nothing left to do but write. Who are these dark haired illuminated women? Pretty domestic for having a hip out of alignment.

The dark twins and a girl photoshopping some ancient stone archway.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Think Big, Do Small

Study the hard while it's easy.
Do big things while they're small.
The hardest jobs in the world start out easy,
the great affairs of the world start small.

So the wise soul,
by never dealing with great things,
gets great things done.

Source ??

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We Knew Them Only In Summer


All the roofs sloped at the same angle.
The distance between the houses was the same.
There were so many feet from each front door
to the curb. My father mowed the lawn
straight up and down and then diagonally.
And then he lined up beer bottles on the kitchen table.

We knew them only in summer when the air
passed through the screens. The neighbor girls
talked to us across the great divide: attic window
to attic window. We started with our names.
Our whispers wobbled along a tightrope,
and below was the rest of our lives.

the headache of excess choice!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

DIscontinued Ben & Jerry's Flavor Or Band I Found On Myspace

Fuuny quiz from a very smart magazine, Mental Floss. I got an 80.

Most Triumphant: Paintings by Liz Brown

(Looks good!)

Like the Spice is proud to present Most Triumphant: Paintings by Liz Brown, opening Friday June 22nd 6:30-10:00pm

Like the Spice Gallery
224 Roebling Street
Brooklyn (Williamsburg), NY 11211

Show runs June 22nd- August 5th 2007

Like the Spice is proud to present Most Triumphant: Paintings by Liz Brown, opening Friday June 22nd in conjunction with the celebration of its one-year anniversary. Time freezes and history sits silent in this collection of majestically deadpan paintings. Building on her successful first New York solo show at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts in Chelsea this exhibition features work from several new series.

Ms. Brown’s recent paintings troll the shallow pool of memory to see if we really catch much in our day-to-day experience. Dinosaurs, battleships, miraculous vans, an indoor undersea paradise, and a machine with all the answers populate this exhibition. Ships stage epic battles against a vast and empty ocean. Vans make Duke’s of Hazard style jumps and drift off towards heaven. Natural and artificial histories battle each other in chilly silence. Even the forest seems air-conditioned as painted by Brown. The once and future king of the thunder lizards, deposed, stands watch over his diorama.

These epics flattened onto canvas refuse to have their grandiosity distilled out of them, retaining all the resonance of echoes. To make immemorial the victors of nature and society, and transmute them into living fossils Brown edits out the cobwebs. As George Bernard Shaw said, ”If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it how to dance.”

Liz Brown has shown in California, Maryland, Connecticut and New York. She has been included in three previous group shows at Like the Spice. In 2005 she was a Space Program recipient of the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation. Her work is included in the permanent collections of the New York Public Library Print Collection, the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and the Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport Connecticut. She earned her MFA from the Mount Royal Graduate Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2004. Since then she has taught at the Montpelier Cultural Arts Center in Laurel, Maryland and at Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC. Currently Liz lives and maintains her studio in Brooklyn.

Like The Spice Gallery

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Right On, Sister. Right On.

"My father warned me. He’d known a woman once who upon being asked why she’d never had children, replied, “Well, you see, it’s just that I like to read.” At the time my father shared this with me, my husband and I were trying to decide whether to start a family."

via The Morning News
Photo by Rosecrans Baldwin

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Look Inside Your Head

I love seeing different people's work spaces. There is something on a meta-level that feels intimate - a look inside their head - that gives insight into their reality.

desktop//desktop project from new favorite art/design blog now now

Keep Them Shook Crews Runnin'

I ran into this hot "shook crews" shirt at Reed Space two weeks ago, and just could'nt get it out of my head. Not something I would normally wear..but it's just so....BAM!!!

...I mean, Godzilla

and a line from Mobb Deep.

I love it.

Go feast your eyes on 3Sixteen's ill collection at their blog.

Digital Gravel helped with detective work.

Can't stop Raving!!!

Nice shirt by Pink Pony
Get them while they last at Azita

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Castle At The End Of The World

THWEET And The Roof Top Parties Were Out Of Control